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The Law & Economics Society (hereafter: LES) is established in March 2018. Objective of the LES is to facilitate external activities related to the joint Master Law and Economics at Utrecht University and support internal cohesion between the students, as well as to provide a platform for international (law) students at the JSVU. The LES aims to organise activities in close relationship to the University, particularly towards the LLM and MSc Law & Economics. Building a network of students in relation to potential job opportunities will be an auxiliary goal of the LES.  The activities of the LES will take place at Master’s level and will take account of the curriculum of the Master programme Law and Economics. In addition to this bachelor students with specific interest in the Master Law and Economics can participate in the events the LES organises. The activities will focus on a broader content of the Master’s program.
The tasks of the committee functions are preferably distributed as follows:

Representing the LES to the outside, ensuring continuity and strategy of the LES, chairing the LES meetings, maintaining contact with the JSVU and the University on a regular basis, external affairs, maintaining contact with the External Affairs Commissioner of the JSVU regarding the fixed activities included in the sponsorship, maintaining contact with external parties (except the University and other student associations);

Secretary & Treasurer
Assist the President in the exercise of his / her duties, replace the President in his or her absence, monitoring of internal affairs, documenting internal and external meetings, sending this report to the board of the JSVU, keep track of memberships, maintaining contact with members, sending out members email, manage notification for activities, drawing up the list of participants for the activities;
Development and maintenance of the balance sheet and income and expenditure overview, ensuring the administration of the financial reporting and invoices to the JSVU, maintaining contact with the Treasurer of the JSVU.
Maintaining close ties with the MSc-students and Utrecht School of Economics.

Promotions Commissioner
Increasing awareness of the LES, promote the activities of the LES, assist with program-related promotional activities.

In september it is possible to send your application for the board of the Law & Economics Society to

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